Foreword to the 2017 Festival

It gives me great pleasure to announce our 14th Festival, which is sure to be one of our most exciting and all-encompassing celebrations of music ever.

The inspiration for this year lies in a visit I paid to the Edinburgh Festival last summer, where I was amazed with the sheer number of events and carnival atmosphere throughout the city. Whilst we certainly can’t match this in quantity, we aim to come close in quality, diversity and intensity! We also share the mantra of giving a platform to some fantastic artists whose names may be less familiar to you, including young talent at the start of their performing careers. 

This year’s ‘debut’ feature is the chance to revisit the silver screen in a showing of Brief Encounter at the Roxy Cinema, whose sound-track famously uses Rachmanino ’s 2nd Piano Concerto. If you feel inspired to find out more, we reveal the rich kaleidoscope of his life and works through the sounds and words of Lucy Parham and Alistair McGowan. 

Journeying through the tragedy of Tosca, Passacaglia’s buoyant baroque, the poignant poetry of the song-cycle, and clarinettist Michael Collins’ sublime sounds, this year’s Festival encompasses the exciting guitar of Remi Harris, spell-binding saxophonist Jess Gillam, & the subtlety of the string quartet. With dazzling O Duo, cutting-edge contemporary music, the beauty of Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral' Symphony, and the fun of folk music to end the Festival - there is a real treat in store for music- lovers of every taste. 

I hope you’ll join us for as much as you feel able. Music is the centre of our existence for ten days in June in Ulverston and I hope you’ll take advantage of this annual musical extravaganza. 


Anthony Hewitt, Artistic Director